It’s she you love,
Because you thought
She was perfect,
Even after
She’s imperfect.
It’s she you choose
To love, marry,
Spend your life with,
And grow old with
Though you’re unsure
She feels the same
Way towards you.
She’s your big dream,
Your illusion;
You are that you
Believe she is
Your only hope,
She holds your life
Like gravity
Controlling in
Its hands the life
Of everything
That swims, that floats,
Flies and hovers,
Sings, shouts, cries, laughs,
Screeches, whinnies,
On air, on land,
Under the sea,
Also above
The vast green fields.
She bears the fruits
That smell so stale
And taste perfect
Because your love
And nurturing
Have made them so.



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