My Shay


Of all the things that’ve been said and done
None is worse than a dog’s betrayal.
You think she is good, all too loyal,
But still she bites you without command.

You feed her well and by well it’s meant
You don’t skip her meals and all the rest,
Which you’d personally’ve skipped yourself
Like TV, reading time, and shower.

So strong is the bond, or so you thought,
Between you and Shay the rascal dog;
Without your asking her she’d kiss you
And show you tricks that no one could do.

There’s no reward better than this love
That knows no limits, no jealousy,
Which stays alert and always on guard,
Embracing your insecurity.

There is no better joy than the pride
That you get from this marriage of trust
And respect and self-assuring love.
(How I always get it quick and fast!)

This clouds your mind and all your reasons
And creates ugly expectations
From the world who knows not to do wrong,
Whose laws are lost in misconception.

When love abides so sure and so strong,
So do the more one’s proclivities–
You make so many demands beyond
Any heart could give and understand.

Slowly love proves to be peculiar,
It can’t be all as it claimed to be;
Your intent is marred with suspicion,
Your act, once selfless, is now measured.

When the world applauds your lovely Shay,
You feel like she’d leave you the next day;
When nobody takes notice of her,
You feel as though you brought out the worst
In her that you step back a little
To check when closeness’s detached and lost.

Oh, how it is like for Shay with this
Kind of rude treatment that doesn’t please.
There is betrayal, or is it there?
Maybe it is you who is unfair.



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