Anchovy Pizza

One night I stared into the blankness of space
And I saw and heard nothing except the movement
Of your love-smothered, passion-sodden embrace.
Then I closed my eyes and saw a light penetrating
Deep down in the hollows and dells of my brain
That felt like your tongue’s tingling lance to my lips.

I can still remember how it was like then:
Your breathing was contrived to please me very well
Every time we’d share the night that was pregnant
With murmurs of doubts, with demonstrations of love.
Our souls were enveloped in fears that smiled so sad,
That lurked like death somewhere in the darkest of dark.

And then it all happened, and I am now alone.
Anchovy pizza and goblets of red wine waft
Through the air like gyrating slumber in bikini.
But this thought pierces me non-stop so I’ll stay awake:
You are braver and happy still; I’m so content
To think that you remember me amidst his snores.



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