In the farthest, most peaceful corner of my mind,
Where valleys, rivers, birds, greens, and colors abound,
The sweetest flower called Valerie will be found,
Around her a bee always flies with mighty pride.
I can only watch them with a smile of envy,
Knowing in my heart of hearts I’m a nobody.
While he hovers, singing with a fighter’s spunk,
In silence I dream, I hope, I die, I sulk.
When I see Val with her eyes mysteriously sad,
I want to embrace her—I hope there’s plucker’s luck.
Even if there’s none, oh Valerie, my Val,
I have reserved for you a place in my heart.





Family prays, eats, laughs with him,
And relies on his strength and dreams.
The great gentlemen quickly grow up,
Held close to his heart by perfect love.
Every good child of today and beyond
Rants and raves so loud, “I’m proud of my dad!”