Our Love


In the cerulean expanse of crests and troughs,
Above which rarely assemble eagles and doves,
Is written our promise echoing and un-drowned,
Making us to an enchantress’s lullaby numb.

Amidst the vast empyrean blue and cirrus white,
Upon which his opus a Michelangelo writes,
Where an amaranth grows, everlasting and eternal,
Is a tryst of trust and respect, our commitment’s find.

Beneath the greens and violets with fragrant breaths,
On the mound of earth daring brown with respect,
The witness as buffaloes plough, farmers plant and mop brows,
Lies buried the ugly past, grows our beautiful now.

There’s not much left to say, but please listen as my heart sings:
Within’s an orchestra of seraphim and bobolinks,
Their melodies fluttering their halcyon, gossamer wings,
Lulling the tempest of love into the sweetest, tranquil tears.



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