via Daily Prompt: Sidewalk


Fear (of being hit by onrushing cars,
Of being stopped dead in our tracks
By natural impediments like human
Judgments, the whole scary groundless shebang)
Impoverishes our plan for success,
Paralyzing our sense of vision,
Our capacity to feel and be bold,
Our potential to be ourselves.
So we take the road at the side,
Walk on it, as we watch the others running,
As we watch the world hurries.
Then we realize what’s important is not
The destination, but the experience
We gain by being free, by not over-thinking,
By feeling the wind, by smelling the greens,
By leisurely pacing our walk,
By taking our time, by sharing our time.
I know fear isn’t good, and we must fight it.
Fight we must that fear with all our might.
Go, find a sidewalk, there the way is bright.



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