Daddy’s Boy (In 50 words)

via Daily Prompt: Fifty


One misty Friday morning.
Alone in my room, I opened the window. Smelled none but you.
Your cologne and morning breath. Sweat and snores. I missed them.
Knock, knock, knock.
“Hey, Kim, breakfast!”
“Dad, in a minute.”
I opened the door.
“Son, don’t rot in here. Find a new Dave.”




via Daily Prompt: Expert


Whom do we go to if we are sick and in need of some medical advice?
The doctor.
Whom do we ask forgiveness from if we want to be washed away of our sins?
The priest.
Whom do we look for to love and marry us despite our ugly, self-delusional selves?
The fool.
Whom do I suggest you should read for some headache and enlightenment?



via Daily Prompt: Vice


My brain is telling me to stop,
But my heart, high and wise, just can’t.
When I see you I always see
Colors, clouds, heavens, and angels
Walking so tall, pleased, and erect
Like my dreams and my sense of self.
So many times I’ve been told to quit,
But never have I tried to yield,
‘Cause if I do it would be death—
Death so shameful I can die twice.
I’m sure I can never stop you
From seducing me. I should know,
I’ve known you since the beginning:
You’ve played with me, you’ve played on me.
I am stupidity genuine, sublime;
You are the sweetest suicide worth a try.



via Photo Challenge: Mirror


Every morning, upon waking up,
I look at myself in the mirror,
Hoping to find what I always look for,
And many a time I love what I see.
Then I go about my normal life,
And I meet people along the way.
I see in them what I used to have—
The suppleness of my youth,
The lavishness of my dreams,
The idealist-child within.
At night before I go to bed
I take time to check myself again.
This time I see lines, a swarthy face,
A wrinkled ego, a dying resolve,
A weary, complacent lost soul,
Whose hairs gray and disheveled with regrets,
Who asks for nothing else except some rest.



via Daily Prompt: Melody


Even after the voices and notes have trailed away,
Even though the lyrics are unrepentantly bungled,
Before, during and after a love-filled sex,
You stay.
When the stars are awake and the sky shimmering,
When the air’s distinctly warm even in snowy evening,
When I can see through the darkest of night a double rainbow,
I know you’re there.
Unlike the body decomposing, returning to the unknown,
Unlike that beauty running away and getting weary with age,
Unlike those miracles defying universal laws,
You don’t die,
You don’t fade,
You don’t confuse.
You lull my tempest,
You shudder my silence,
You entice my senses.
You talk to me everywhere.



via Daily Prompt: Eclipse


In third grade my science teacher
Was so excited to cut short the class
To give way to a grand show up there—
The solar eclipse.
It happens once in a century, she said.
So I sat with my crush on the grass,
Looked up the sky, and counted the ways
I’d been fooled into believing that
It was a spectacular sight.
Nothing was spectacular about anything
Natural happening within five minutes.
Then again, a child believes everything.
The boy holding her crush’s hands
While having a hard-on—
That was even more spectacular.