Daddy’s Boy (In 50 words)

via Daily Prompt: Fifty


One misty Friday morning.
Alone in my room, I opened the window. Smelled none but you.
Your cologne and morning breath. Sweat and snores. I missed them.
Knock, knock, knock.
“Hey, Kim, breakfast!”
“Dad, in a minute.”
I opened the door.
“Son, don’t rot in here. Find a new Dave.”



Stereotype (In 50 words)

(I’m new to WordPress, still learning the ropes of blogging, and a would-be writer without credentials. Because I have yet to polish my English and master the art of writing, I tend to write in long sentences and in a few hundred words. English isn’t my first language, and so I find this activity very challenging and an exercise towards restraint and discipline. Below is my 50-word entry for the DPchallenge. I still don’t know how to put a caption, and so no picture or image has been attached to it.)



“I love you; I wanna marry you.”

“You’ve told me that a hundred times!”

“You don’t believe me, do you?”

“You’re smiling, that’s why!”

“I’m sorry.”

“Don’t say sorry, you don’t mean it!”

“Lady, you don’t believe me again?”

“Of course, I don’t! I’m a mouse, you’re a cat!”